Philosophy behind Yin Yang

The yin yang meaning and symbol date back to ancient China. The yin yang symbol represents the belief that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary.

What is Yin Yang?

The yin yang philosophy states that, the universe and everything in it are both constant and cyclical. Life and death, heaven and earth, poverty and wealth, black and white are some of the best examples of yin yang philosophy. In other words we can say that when one force dominates a situation it is replaced by its opposing force.

What does the Yin Yang symbolize?

The symbol of yin yang is also known as the Tai Chi which consists of equally divided sections that are black and white in color. The sections are divided with a reverse S-like shape. A small white circle closes within a big black circle and similarly a small black circle closes inside a big white circle. 

The outer circle of the yin yang represents itself and the entire universe.

 Identifying Yin

The black area of the circle is Yin and it represents female energy with passiveness. It is also intuitive and creative, submissive and soft. It is downward seeking with downward movement. 

Identifying Yang

The white area represents yang. Yang is a male who is active, logical, strong and dominant. It is like active water whose energy drives others. It is constantly moving upward and expanding its energy.

What does the small black and white circle mean?

Although both the black and white teardrop sits opposite to each other, it tells us that nothing is absolute. Both black and white need each other in order to exist. They are both dependent on one another. 

Yin Yang life

Creating balance and harmony is the key for a holistic approach of life. Be it home, work or relationship not going overboard with it creates true balance. With the ever changing world and our fast pace lifestyle we have created an imbalance and conflict among us and around. However, applying some good habits will definitely benefit our lives.

  1. Work life balance: As we live in a demanding world, where we are constantly expected to do more, earn more and have more. So, to create a balance prioritizing our mental health is a must. Indulging in activities and hobbies that we enjoy and like will not only keeps us sane but it will also create a balance.
  2. Health & Relationship: Having a good health and maintaining a good relationship are both part of the same coin. If we maintain a good mental, physical and emotional health we build a healthy relationship with ourselves and with others too. Taking good care of ourselves, exercising regularly, eating healthy food and showing love and compassion to the needy is the best way to live a balanced life. Being loyal in your relationship and avoiding misunderstandings creates a sound mental health.
  3. Gratitude Attitude: Being thankful for what you have and what have you achieved is the way to go. Just saying “thank you” and meaning it will have a positive impact on your life.
  4.  Have Patience: In a fast track world where everything is expected to be delivered quickly, we must also learn how to be patience with ourselves. Knowing everything takes its own time to form and show result is one of the healthiest habits we can cultivate.