How to handle break ups

Be it a teenager or an adult, it is obvious that we have a certain emotion regarding love and relationship. Many of us are very excited to find a soulmate whom we think as our life partner. But things in life doesn’t go our way and when it goes out of control then many people get heartbroken and depressed. Simultaneously when things get out of control between two persons in a relationship eventually, they decide to give it a break. Even though for certain period of time of your relationship it is obvious to feel low and miss the other person which might lead you to mental anxiety and depression. Even though there is no magic formula to forget everything and move on with your life there are some tips that could be followed to make your phase little easy and less painful:

  1. Talk about it

Whenever you had a heart break don’t isolate yourself from your friend circle and face it alone. You have to talk about it and make other people know how you are feeling which will result your peace and satisfaction. Don’t hide your pain and emotions even though you don’t have anyone trustworthy person to share just write your feelings in a diary which will provide you relief and consolation.

  1. Get active

It is very normal that whenever you are feeling low or unhappy, you wouldn’t like to do anything with your time and life. But it is really important to get over the person after a breakup for which you should be more active in your life and try to normalize your daily life routine. Therefore, instead of crying and regretting the past memories one should get active and exercise or divert their mind to something else.

  1. Remind about your importance

The most important phase of breakup is to make yourself feel valued and important. But the maximum teenagers feel the other way and start blaming their self for everything that happened in their life and starts feeling responsible for something they didn’t do. This feeling will lead them nowhere but to depression and loneliness. Therefore, even after breakup one should not get broke and should constantly remind themselves how important they are to some other people in their life and how important they are for themselves.

  1. Stay away from your ex

The most essential part is to realize and decide what you want to do in your life ahead of this phase. First of all, you have to take a time and think properly if you want to move on or maybe continue your relationship after some time of break. If the answer is strong and fixed enough that you don’t want to get back into your relationship ever again in your life then the most valuable advice is to stay away from your ex. It is very natural to feel the emotions whenever you are connected to someone you shared your time and history with, which is why you should stay as far as you can in order to move on from your relationship and get with the flow with the next stage of your life.

  1. Socialize yourself

Most of the teenager tend to boycott themselves from the group and family whenever they have their heartbreak or any other problems in their life. But the trick to get over any problems in your life is to make yourself more socialize and get in touch with as many people as you can. One should think that life is giving them the opportunity to know more person and explore their life. Socialization is really very important in order to get over any person.

  1. Do what you love

You have to give yourself some personal space and pamper yourself with what you like and adore. Feed yourself. take yourself to the drive or tour, hang out with friends and make yourself feel important. Do whatever makes you feel happy and satisfied.

Always remember that it’s a break “up” and never the break “down”.