7 things to implement in life from Krishna’s life

Almost anyone who has read the Mahabharata knows how pivotal a figure Lord Krishna is. In fact, an entire book has been written on his teaching as he and Arjuna engaged in “Dharma Yuddh” or a righteous war with the Kauravas, and it happens to be the most popular book for Hindus around the world: The Bhagavad Gita.

While the conversation between Arjuna (the greatest archer of all) and Krishna is in the context of the war, Krishna had many lessons that can be easily applied to our daily lives. So, without further ado, here are 7 life changing lessons that we can all learn from Krishna:

1: Never give up on what you love

Krishna had a deep love for the flute, and he never stopped playing it just because of his commitments. Even during times of war it was by his side. Hobbies and passions can breathe new life into us when we’re overwhelmed.

2: Being of service to our fellow man

There are times when Krishna saved the people of Vrindavan from being poisoned. While they might have not been close to him, he was still drawn to being of service to them.No matter what, being of service to mankind is considered as being of service to God.

3: Selfless, unconditional love is the key

Not only did he bless those that offended him but he also practiced unconditional love while offering ‘mukti’ (enlightenment) to his devotees. His Life was all about divine love. This is something that we can take and practice in our own lives.

4: Taking one day at a time

Krishna was conscious of the future, but chose to live in the moment without worrying. Even if he knew what was going to happen, he still took one day at a time. It’s easy to get bogged down by challenging circumstances, but staying mindful and present can make things much easier.

5: Help people change with your spiritual knowledge

At one point, the god Indra was offended by those worshiping Krishna and sought to destroy them. But Krishna intervened and saved them. Seeing his folly, Indra begged forgiveness, and Krishna gave it. Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes terrible ones. Don’t be a doormat, but give the space for other people to change. They might surprise you.

6: Stay humble no matter what

Even if he was the Lord of all creation, he was still humble and showed respect to his elders- whether it was his parents or teachers. He was always eager to please them. Because of this, people were willing to help him everywhere he went. Show respect to everyone, and they will show respect to you.

7: Krishna smiled always

Right from his birth, Krishna faced a number of adversities. Yet he dealt with each and everyone of them with a smile on his face. In other words, he was living a Life of perpetual bliss. It’s probably the simplest lesson of all. Happiness comes from within- your circumstances don’t define you.

Photo Courtesy: ToI