7 Healthy habits to follow at home during quarantine

This stay-at- home scenario is presenting a whole new reasons to shift our focus on healthy lifestyle. And here are some tips on how to develop healthy habits for your overall wellness:

Sleep Well

Your body functions well when you get enough sleep. Proper sleep patterns help improve your mood initiating your body function better. So, set a go-to-bed reminder and a wake-up alarm.
Meditate before bed or listen to sleep stories. Make sure your room is dark and quiet. Turn down the brightness on digital displays, and use earplugs if needed.
 If you toss and turn, consider getting a weighted blanket to help you feel less restless.



Stay Hydrated

Have you ever wonder, “Why do I feel like I’m losing my mind?”… and then realize you haven’t had any water all day? Exactly. So, rack your intake with an app like My Water or Waterlogged.
Keep your water bottle with you all day, just like if you were out and about.
 Challenge yourself to start and end each meal with a full glass of water.

Embrace the Outdoors

As long as you stay six feet away from others, there’s nothing wrong with getting outside, and studies have shown that sunlight can help boost your mood. Plus, the fresh air and change of environment can help you shake off that cooped-up feeling. Go for a walk.
  Chill on your porch or in your yard for 30 minutes.
 Open the drapes or blinds for more sunlight.
 Let the outside in: Crack the windows to get some breeze.

Get Physical

If you’ve transitioned from working full-time to working from home (or not working at all), you’re probably moving a lot less than usual. It’s gonna take a bit more effort to get in that activity. So, look for online workout videos that appeal to you, whether that’s kickboxing, yoga, or old-school aerobics.
 Stretch in the morning. Stress can make your body tense up, so take a few minutes to loosen those muscles.
 When in doubt, Housewalk. Get your steps in walking around at home, or jog in place while you watch Netflix.

Stay Connected

Make an effort to reach out to people, whether you usually see them on a regular basis or not. Set up a Zoom meeting for any old reason: a virtual happy hour, an online family get-together, a digital book club… Whatever! You might be surprised how full your social life can still be.
 Don’t just text… Pick up the phone. Better yet, give a friend a video call. Seeing people’s faces can really perk us up during isolation.




Anyone else feeling pressured to be super productive? While reorganizing your garage or managing your finances is all well and good, balance out the intensity of the current situation with some good old-fashioned R&R. Watch a movie or read a book for a little healthy escapism.
Listen to music or your favorite podcast.
 Take a bath. Do a puzzle or some arts & crafts.

Maintain a Daily Routine

The most important thing is to create a new normal for yourself, rather than just sitting around waiting for things to go back to how they were. Take a shower in the morning, and put on fresh clothes.
 Brush your hair, and maybe put on a bit of makeup. Even if you’re not going to see anyone, taking pride in your appearance is a feel-good action.
 Whether or not you’re working, set a schedule for your day. Plan times for the activities mentioned above to give your day some structure.